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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beauty Boxes

If you haven't heard of beauty boxes, please come out from under that rock you've been living under!  Right now, beauty boxes are huge.  They are subscriptions for between $10-$20/month that send you trial size makeup, skincare, hair care and nail polish, among other things.  Big name companies are sending these trials so we can see what we like and don't like and hopefully for them, purchase a full size product.  I came across a FANTABULOUS new website today called SheSaidBeauty.  Go there.  Now - no WAIT!  After you read this blog :)  What does this amazing website have to do with beauty boxes you ask?  They did a whole article about beauty boxes and have links to a number of them.  They also tell you which countries they are available in.  This is the link to that article.  The only beauty box I'm surprised they don't address is Ipsy.  This seems to be a favorite among people I've talked to.  I'm on the waitlist for Ipsy and Influenster.  They notify you when a subscription becomes available.  Fingers crossed that someone cancels their membership soon so I can move right in there!  Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes and which ones do you recommend?

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