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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I get asked a lot "what is the best way to clean your makeup brushes and how often should I do it?" There are so many answers to the question of "How", but "How often" is pretty easy. You should ideally clean your brushes once a week - unless you're a professional and then you should clean them after each use. Once a week is kind of pushing it though because honestly, who has that kind of free time? So if you can do at least once a month you should be ok. I always have used Origins Brush Cleaner - it's a great product and really gets my brushes clean. The only downside is the price - which really isn't even bad. $13.50 for the 3.4 oz bottle. Well with health insurance and daycare to pay for, I started looking for a cheaper alternative. After trying some DIY brush cleaners, I stumbled on a blog called Carolina Charm. SUCH a great blog. She has the simplest cleaner EVER and it might be my favorite. This doesn't leave any residue on the brushes and they are just as clean as if I used a "real" brush cleaner, storebought. It involves Johnson's Baby Shampoo and water. That's it! Works amazing and smells oh so good. Even better, I already had the shampoo from my kids so it literally cost me nothing! Here is a link to the article. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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