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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Favorite of the Week

A few days ago, I put my foundation on just like every other morning.  Apparently I had a few extra minutes that morning because I decided to check my work in the mirror before leaving the house.  Bad idea.  I ended up being about half an hour late for work.  Once I got a good look at what my skin looked like, I had to wash it all off and start all over again.  It looked so caked on - I wish I had taken pictures!  My foundation looked like it was just sitting on top of my skin and was just CAKEY for lack of a better word.

Now I take pretty good care of my skin - I wash it every morning and moisturize right after and I wash every night (okay, most nights) to take my makeup off and I use a night serum.  My skin for the most part is in pretty good condition.  One thing I don't do is exfoliate.  Well that all changed when I saw the makeup on my skin the other day.  I have really dry, sensitive skin that is really red most of the time.  After researching exfoliators for dry, sensitive skin online, I decided to try Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub.  It has vitamin C which is said to be great for skin because it is the key to the production of collagen - which is a protein that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin its firmnss and strength (source:  WebMD).

I tried it this morning and I loved it.  It's not a super abrasive scrub - which is good for my type of skin and it smells pretty good too!  When I put my moisturizer on this morning, it went on so much smoother and actually felt like it got absorbed into my skin.  My foundation even looked better than it had a few days before.  I wouldn't say it's 100% right now, but after just one use - it's definitely better!  Do you exfoliate?  Which one do you use?

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